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Google Home support calls Handsfree

Google has updated the function of smart speakers and Home Google added the ability to make calls on speakerphone. For the correct operation of new features requires a stable connection to Wi-Fi.

That Google Home will be able to use voice control for calls, the company announced in may this year. Now a new feature available only to residents of USA and Canada, but the company’s promise to expand the number of countries in the future.

Due to the previously launched multi-user system of voice recognition, column Google Home will determine exactly who you need to call.

For example, you need to call your father. You just say “Hey Google, call dad”. Because the virtual assistant will recognize your voice, doesn’t need to clarify what exactly the “Pope” he should call.

According to representatives of Google, developers are still working on system support Caller ID for voice call control. At the moment, for the correct operation of the feature, users need to use Google Voice, or Project Fi. Otherwise, the person you are trying to call hands-free via Google Home will see on the screen the message “Unknown number” or “No Caller ID”.

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