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Google has supported the refusal of the Apple iPhone to hack the terrorist

Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed support for Apple and the head of the company in a dispute with the FBI about the confidentiality of your information.

“Forcing companies to create opportunities for hacking devices can compromise the privacy of users. We know that law enforcement and intelligence agencies face significant challenges in protecting society from crime and terrorism. We create safe products to keep your user information secure, and we provide access to the data on the basis of legitimate orders. But it is another thing to demand IT and to give the opportunity to hack the client devices and data. This could be a worrying precedent. I hope for thoughtful and open debate on this issue,” wrote Pichai.

The founder of WhatsApp Jan koum also supported the head of Apple. “I always admired the position of cook on the protection of user data and can not support his statement. We must not allow the emergence of such a dangerous precedent. Today at stake is our freedom and our rights,” he said.

Representatives of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and other Silicon valley companies refused to comment on the action cook. “Silicon valley on the side of Apple”, — ironically noted in his Twitter, former technical Director of Facebook and one of the creators of Google Maps Bret Taylor. One of former top managers of Microsoft Steven o Sinofsky urged his colleagues from the Valley to the “broad support” Apple.

In the White house, in turn, said that the Federal Bureau of investigation and the Department of justice are seeking Apple’s help in breaking only one of the iPhone and not allow them access to all devices produced by the company. The FBI and the justice Department “do not ask Apple to change its products or has created a “loophole”. “They ask for something that would deal only with one device”, said White house press Secretary Joshua Ernest.

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On Tuesday, the court in USA demanded from Apple to provide investigators with the FBI, which is still unsuccessfully trying to hack into belonged to liquidated terrorist Saeed Farouk smartphone special software to circumvent its protection. Apple encrypts the data on your iPhone, access to which is possible only by knowing the password.

Apple CEO Tim cook said that he would contest the FBI. According to him, the request of the government “threatens the security of customers”. Cook stressed that the company’s engineers have already provided the FBI with the information required for the investigation of the terrorist attacks. He added that the Corporation does not intend to transfer to the secret service software that allows you to hack the iPhone.

“The US government asks Apple to crack the devices own users and to undermine the achievements of decades of progress in the field of security that protect our customers — including tens of millions of American citizens from hackers and cyber criminals,” said cook in an open letter.

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