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Google has removed the feature “OK Google” from versions of Chrome for Mac and PC

To update desktop browser Chrome has disappeared function launch voice search by using the phrase “OK Google”. Change affected version of the browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Now Chrome users who want to implement voice search, you have to press the appropriate icon in the right corner search bar of Google. For owners of smartphones, tablets and chromebooks nothing has changed: they still can activate voice search by saying OK Google.

As stated by Google representatives, on desktop platforms, the function “OK Google” is not popular. And if the microphones are at all gadgets, PC Pro say the same thing in principle impossible.

Adhering to the chosen strategy – the maximum ease of use Chrome – Google also decided to remove the notification center in the upcoming release of the desktop version of the program. At the same time the notification center in the platform Chrome OS will remain the same, at least not yet.

Google elaborated in detail the consequences of these changes for developers of apps and extensions for Chrome. So, the alerts that are sent exclusively to the notification center will no longer be displayed, and the corresponding API will be unusable. At the same time, notice that worked directly rather than via the notification center will appear, as before.

Google developers are confident that such optimizations of the browser will increase the usability of the desktop version of Chrome.

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