Google has released the first beta version of Android 11 for developers. What's new?

Google without any announcement just posted the first beta version of Android 11 for developers. Apparently, the changes will not be very significant, but still brought something new.

Work with new displays

Android 11 is now better sharpened for working with flexible displays and displays with curved edges or with holes. Now developers will be able to use these unusual areas for some specific purposes.

I suppose Samsung is already doing something similar with its Curved Screen feature.

5G networks

The smartphone will understand what networks it is working on right now. To do this, application APIs will be rewritten. With their help, developers will allow applications to determine in which of the available networks the smartphone will work better.

New codecs

Video will be decoded with low latency in MediaCodec. This will help services such as Stadia process broadcasts much faster.


Notifications about messages from various messengers will now be grouped separately from each other. In addition, illustrations can be sent from the notification curtain in response to messages.


The user can set temporary access to the camera, microphone and other application requests. Such an installation will only work on one run. The next time the user starts the application, it will again ask him for the necessary permissions.

Reverse charging

The new “axis” hints that reverse charging will appear in the Google Pixel 5. This was mentioned in the firmware code:

Charge other devices by placing them on the back of your Pixel.

Your smartphone’s battery will drain faster when charging other devices. This use of the battery works with compatible headphones, watches, phones, and other devices.

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From Android 11 Code

Developers noted that this year Google unexpectedly released a new version of Android early – usually the first beta for developers appears in mid-March.

However, Google is already announcing that it is going to release two more beta by the end of next month. Public beta testing will be announced in May at the Google I / O 2020 conference, which will be held from May 12 to May 14, 2020.

Google has released the first beta version of Android 11 for developers. What's new?

A full release will take place in the third quarter. As always, the hottest chips will initially receive the Google Pixel 5 and 5 XL.

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