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Google has published expolit for iOS 11

One of the Google Project Zero Jan bir has published data for iOS 11.1.2, and create a jailbreak.

Last week, the bir said that found in iOS so-called exploit critical vulnerability in the system that allows you to gain control over its major components. Developers and hackers often use these vulnerabilities to create a jailbreak.

Despite the competition between Google and Apple, the bir issued the error data so that other programmers could test it and maybe to help fix. According to him, the more experts will be able to participate, the safer the future will be iOS.

The project Google Project Zero was created to make all existing software safer for the casual user, even if it concerns programs and applications of your competitors.

We should not forget about the enthusiasts wanting to hack the new firmware version Apple. Although the jailbreak community is dying, probably, in the near future the network will be the first jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2. Those who want to install it worth to wait with the system upgrade.

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