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Google has promised to make Android protected the same as iOS

Security updates for devices running iOS out quickly and are immediately available on all compatible models. What can be said about smartphones and tablets on Android. But Google is planning to solve the issue with updates signature software platform. The company promised to reduce the time that updates become available to users from two months to several days.

Almost half of Android users don’t get security updates on time, and the search giant has promised to resolve this issue. The fact that the “phones” produce hundreds of different companies and it is quite difficult to make it so every user could update the OS.

As stated Adrian Ludwig and Melinda Miller, who heads the office for security in Android, at the end of 2016, about half of the users are unable to obtain the necessary updates on time. “We still have a lot of work,” they said.

The smartphones that Google produces, Pixel and Nexus are updated automatically. While hundreds of other manufacturers who uses Android, releasing them through the weeks and even months after the release of the patch. The information about the vulnerability can already appear in the public domain.

Ludwig said that Google is going to reduce the waiting period from 6 to 9 weeks to a few days. This will be done through collaboration with manufacturers.

We will add that Apple is also taking steps to enhance the security of iOS. Last week it became known that the company has hired a security expert, and former jailbreak developer Jonathan Zdziarski, who for 10 years looking for vulnerabilities in the iPhone and iPad.

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