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Google has posted on YouTube promotional videos c the presentation of new products

Yesterday, 4 October, Google introduced a number of new products from the “Made by Google”. Today promo videos from the presentation available on the YouTube channel of the Corporation.

The event was presented: the second generation of smartphones Pixel, two smart speakers and Home Mini Home Max, Pixelbook laptop running Chrome OS and stylus Pen PixelBook, as well as a range of accessories to smartphones Pixel 2 — helmet virtual reality Google Daydream 2, Pixel wireless headset Buds and a mini-camera Google Clips.

New devices appear on the market until the end of the year. Pre-order all the new items available since the end of the presentation.

For anyone who is not able to view the presentation live, the company has posted a record of the event, lasting nearly two hours on his YouTube channel.

If you have time to watch the entire presentation there, and I want to get acquainted with novelties of Google, you can use a promotional video. Every video characteristics of the new device lasts less than a minute and a half.

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