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Google has launched a website with certified accessories

Google launched a website where brands, cooperate with the company in the framework of the program Made for Google.

Google ensures that the accessories Made for Google will be compatible with Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. On the website of the company producing covers, headphones, protective films and glass, as well as cables for charging and syncing.

Google did not add accessories on your own website, as does Apple. Instead, the company posted a list of manufacturing partners. By clicking on the link, user lands on a special page on the merchant website, which displays only accessories for Google nexus devices. Some of the links don’t work. Probably, Google is still adjusting the list of partners.

Apple has a similar program MFi. The company has developed a number of compliance requirements for manufacturers of accessories. Products produced and certified as compatible, have on the packaging label Made for [device name].

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