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Google has improved the quality of communication in the Hangouts app

Google continues work on optimizing its software and services. In the latest update of messenger Hangouts users paid attention to improve the quality of communication.

We are talking about higher quality sound and video. Now the application for communication between subscribers, when possible, uses peer-to-peer network Peer-to-Peer. As a result, data is transferred from one device to another and back again, bypassing Google’s servers. In the company emphasize that direct connection with another person is more efficient than passing the call through the company’s servers.

It is known that when using peer-to-peer connection between two users reveal their IP address. On the official Google site there is an important comment about it. The company says that users have nothing to worry about, because no one can get access to this information.

It is unknown whether the new function to work only for the iPhone and iPad users or the connection quality will also improve when communicating with Android devices and PC.

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