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Google has explained why the developers read the emails of Gmail users

Google responded to the publication The Wall Street Journal that third-party developers can read the emails of Gmail users. In the company do not deny it.

The Google blog has an entry which was published by the Director of the division for the protection of data Google Cloud Susan Frey. It says that Google chooses developers that can access email. But Google itself does not read letters, but only analyzes said Frey. To read messages only if the user asked for, or required by law enforcement agencies.

“Before the application will be able to access your Gmail messages, it passes through a multistage selection process, which includes automatic and manual analysis developer, as well as evaluating the privacy policy to ensure that the application performs the functions, which States,” wrote Frey.

Analysis of letters is a standard practice for improving the operation of the service, says the Google blog. The company does not displays ads based on the content of the letter, but processing the mail to provide some smart features, like “Smart answers”.

Google reminds you that you need to carefully read what permissions the app requests. Learn about what apps have access to email in the settings of your Google account.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is an irresponsible approach to the selection of applications that can access Gmail. The article refers to the company Return Path, which two years ago analyzed about 8 thousand emails of Gmail users to improve your service.

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