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Google has engaged in serious optimizing Chrome for Mac

The Chrome browser with integrated Flash plugin is known for its extravagance. Just a couple of animated banners in background tabs may shorten the battery life MacBook twice, simultaneously taking away resources from more important tasks. Recently Google has introduced a beta version of the browser function, which will reduce the number of Flash-rollers to the required minimum. In fact, this step would be just one of the many points of optimization.

Lead developer of Google Chrome Casting Peter published an article about changes in future versions of its desktop browser for Apple computers. In particular, the developers decided to change the venue to the processing tab. Still they all had the same priority, but now the selected tab will get higher priority.

Work is also underway to reduce the load on the CPU when doing a Network search. Although the result will be a reduction in the CPU only 0.1-0.3%, Google will not neglect such optimizations.

This change will be introduced in the beta version of the browser in the coming weeks, and during the following six weeks will be in the final version, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The main feature of Google Chrome block flash content that should force the creators of advertising banners soon to abandon Flash in favor of more modern animation techniques – otherwise their effectiveness in Chrome, the popular browser in the world, will fall.

According to a recent test Google Chrome on the subject of impact on “autonomy” of the laptop has a program, table browser shortens the operation time of the MacBook is almost four and a half hours. If you are using the standard Safari browser the computer has been running for 13 hours and 18 minutes, surfing the web in Google Chrome reduced this figure to 9 hours and 45 minutes.

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