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Google: Google Docs are to blame, that their documents were in the search results

Google explained why user documents appeared in search results “Yandex”. It turns out that this is the fault of the users of the service.

According to Google, the search results can only get those documents that the owner has made public. This happens when the author of the document creates a public link, so that other users of Google Docs can view and edit the file. When creating such links, Google warns that it will be available for searching and viewing over the Internet.

The company also stressed that the security of personal information is a top priority for Google.

Google docs is a highly secure tool for collaborative work, and it works correctly.

The night of 5 June, “Yandex” has started to show in the search links to the public Google docs. Many users didn’t know about this particular service, so free was the usernames, passwords, and corporate documents. After a few hours, “Yandex” has ceased to issue in the search links to Google Docs, but you can still find through Google search.

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