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Google+ Google app for iOS with a new design

Google hopes to attract users to its social network Google+. This week the company did redesign the service taking into account changes in the level of demand of this or that function, and now has rolled out an updated client for the iPhone and iPad.

Mobile app of the social network was greatly simplified — both in terms of design and in terms of functionality. From the point of view of navigation much emphasis was placed on “Collections” and “Communities”. The client learned more actively to identify those communities that already exist and are rapidly evolving, in which always something is published, new users, and comments.

Google+ has also been updated homemade tape. Now very actively used so-called “material design”. It is easier to switch between multiple accounts to find new and interesting selections with the help of search. The app finally allows you to share beyond Google+.

In Google they say that the most popular are the “Community” and “Collections”, so they were made the main focus. If you believe the statistics, Google, in, on average, recorded a 1.2 million connections per day. Even faster growing number of users “Collections”, added just five months ago.

In the “Community” users form communities by coming together on the basis of preferences and tastes, for example, addictions to a particular literary genre, and in “Collections” can be put on public display his own selection, which may attract a large number of visitors. In a word, “Communities” and “Collections” allow people to spend time learning something new on a favorite subject and being in an environment of like-minded people, than, probably, lies the secret of the popularity of these functions.

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Click here to download Google+ for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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