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Google Glass 2.0 can turn into a smart monocle

Google has not abandoned the idea of smart glasses, despite the unsuccessful beginning of the spread of Google Glass, positioned a huge step forward in the industry wearable on the human body electronics. The company intends to offer a new model with improved characteristics and more compact size.

The project has not been closed, and now the Internet Corporation is considering what will Google Glass 2.0. Original gadget resembled normal glasses in a traditional frame, fitted with tiny display. One of the new Google patent describes a wearable on the face of the device, which is implemented not in the form of points, but takes the form of a monocle, that is worn on one eye.

Prismatic component (read, display) smart glasses are configured so that the image is translated in both eyes. There are camera and action button. On the handle there is a touch-sensitive pad, is needed to manage the system. The bending shape of the monocle can be adjusted in three places to adjust the device under itself.

In the beginning of year it became known that the development of Google Glass 2.0 entrusted Tony Fadell, which is considered the “father” of the iPod — it was he who determined the shape of the first generation of the iconic player. Fadell also had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the iPhone, and in addition, he communicated with Steve jobs — including after his departure from Apple in 2008.

It is not excluded that Google Glass 2.0 will find only in professional fields like healthcare, Aeronautics, manufacturing — where there is a need for augmented reality.

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