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Google failed to implement own analogue of the 3D Touch in Android N

In the beta version of Android for developers N was detected analog 3D Touch – shutter function of the force pressing the screen. It was assumed that Google will implement it in the final version of the new software platform. However, as reported by Recode sources, the company abandoned those plans.

In a test build of Android N there is a function called “setDynamicShortcuts(List)”. It allows developers to specify a list of “quick actions” that appear when the user interacts with the app icon on the home screen of smartphones. What should be such an interaction (a simple single touch launches the app as usual), not specified – it could be, for example, long-tap or vertical swipe on the icon.

Apparently, Google tried to implement own analogue of the 3D Touch in Android N. nevertheless, in The public version of the operating system, as reported, it will not. This does not mean that the company has decided to completely abandon her, she probably will be implemented later (perhaps in one of the following major updates).

Google plan to add native support “3D Touch” due to the frequent requests from the manufacturers of Android smartphones who want to implement this option in their devices. Native support means that developers will not have to find their own ways to implement it, as did, for example, Huawei and Meizu. Obviously, this functionality will not be called 3D Touch, as the iPhone 6s.

Next week will be a conference for developers Google I/O. At her company told in detail about all innovations that will be implemented in Android N. the Release of the final version of the platform will take place this summer.

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