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Google Drive received support APFS to release the file system

Not yet the final version of the latest file system from Apple to see the light, and Google has added its support to the private “cloud” storage Google Drive.

Google has released updated Google Drive app for macOS, which received the support of the file system Apple File System (APFS). It is noteworthy that the update is so popular the data warehouse became available before the official release of macOS 10.13 High Sierra, the main “chip” which was the new file system.

The most important features APFS are almost instantaneous copying of files, crash protection, advanced encryption, nanosecond timestamps.

The Apple File System will replace HFS+, presented in Mac OS 8.1 in 1998. In turn, HFS+ was created based on HFS, which is more than 30 years!

Data file systems developed for magnetic disks of small capacity. Today, users work with solid state drives having a capacity of terabytes of data. It is obvious that the previously used algorithms are outdated and no longer cope with contemporary challenges.

Currently Apple only tests and fixes macOS 10.13. The official release of the High Sierra is expected only in late autumn.

We remind you that the first macOS 10.13 filesystem APFS were presented at WWDC 2017 in June of this year.

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