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Google copies Apple Watch with a new line of easily interchangeable straps “Mode” to Android Wear watch

Inspired by the design of the Apple Watch, Google announced a program Mode, in which offered a new range of straps for smart watch on Android Wear, with the possibility of quick replacement.

Mode are a set of stylish bracelets with built-in latches-locks, which simplifies their replacement. Just as in the case of Apple, the gadget can be easily turned from serious business in a bright, perfectly suitable for parties. In any case, this is the promise he gave to Google on the announcement Mode to the message.

The program is started with the support of the brand b&nd from the company Hadley-Roma straps which enough is known. Google introduced accessories under four common sizes than covered almost all watches with Android Wear.

Straps the buyer can choose not only the color, of which there are very many, but the material. The cost of the leather models is $ 60, silicone — $ 50. Of course, both options are OK and normal for many hours, just need to pick the size.

Google is not going to confine myself to this, and to call for participation in the program Mode any brands. Specifically for the partners have established a set of standards and rules, and defines the mandatory technical parameters such straps to Android Wear.

Although the clock on Android Wear, debuted first at the market, the Apple Watch, released in April of last year, confidently hold the lead. The device was twice as successful the very first iPhone. According to analysts from IDC, Apple sold 12 million worn gadgets, while the iPhone 1st generation in 2007 – 2008, only 6.1 million

Currently, Apple is actively working on improving the gadget. In the second generation Apple Watch expected to support connectivity to cellular networks and more powerful chip. So, users no longer need to have iPhone to send the message via iMessage or make a call.

Apple Watch 2 will be 40% thinner and can show them in June at WWDC 2016 or September, along with iPhone 7.

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