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Google copied the read mode from Safari iOS 9 for the mobile version of Chrome

In the latest beta version of Chrome 39 for mobile devices, the developers have added the read mode, the analogue of which is in the Safari browser. Also standard guide Apple it optimizes the web pages for viewing in a convenient format.

Sometimes when reading sites on the Internet, users experience the discomfort caused by the small print, poor page layout, or dazzling advertisements that have flooded the smartphone display. In sensitive cases, the aid comes button “Reader”, located in the address bar of Safari. If you click on it, the page takes on a new neat look. First reading mode in Safari appeared in iOS 5 and iOS 9 it can be customised to suit your preferences – to select background color and change the font in the article.

Despite the fact that the analogue of the function implemented in the beta version of mobile Chrome, this feature is not yet reached final release. Users of the latest dev builds, began to notice that sometimes the browser offers to optimize a page for viewing on a smartphone screen.

By default, the notification at the bottom of the screen is displayed on the page, in appearance similar to the article. In the settings you can specify that the browser selected all publications with structured markup, however in this case the website is not always loaded correctly after switching to a simpler form. Tellingly, on the service page chrome://flags, there is an option that allows to add the button to the read mode on the top panel Chrome.

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Also, like Safari in iOS 9 Google developers provides a choice of font, change text size and color of the page background (light, dark and Sepia). Read mode is also available in the latest beta version of Chrome.

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