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Google Chromecast transforms iPhone and iPad into a game console

Google intends to expand the capabilities of set-top box Chromecast toward gaming focus. Device to transfer image and music content to your TV will stream the game with smartphones and tablets using the new API – Remote Display.

A new programming interface allows developers of games for iOS and Android to embed them in special modes in which the image on the screen of the TV complements the image on the display of the mobile device. The last in this case acts as a game controller. A similar scheme uses Nintendo’s Wii U.

As conceived by Google, while the TV will display just the gameplay, smartphone or tablet will show the controls, and accompanying information, which in normal modes or placed on top of everything else, or is caused by certain combinations of keys. This can be a map, inventory, achievements, statuses and more.

In the past, the implementation of such technology was possible with the help of third-party apps for streaming, for example, GamingCast. With feed Google developers will embed it directly in the game.

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