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Google Chrome will protect your Mac from viruses and Trojans

Safe Browsing is a function of additional protection of Internet users from dangerous web sites, long available for PC users. Now this same technology will protect and owners of Mac computers.

Safe Browsing warns users about dangerous resources, which was seen in the spread of viruses, Trojans, or suspected fraud. When you download such websites Safe Browsing displays a red box with a warning and block access to the site.

As described in Google’s Safe Browsing feature will protect Mac users against phishing (fake pages masquerading as real), links that contain viruses and other malicious domains attempting to steal personal information (accounts and passwords, phone numbers, credit card information, etc.)

Default “Makovod” can leave the page by clicking on the button “Back to safety”, however, if you really need to get on the website, you can do so by clicking on “Details” and indicating that he understands the possible consequences.

Save Browsing became available to users of Windows and Android a few years ago. On Mac, the function will start working from March 31.

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