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Google Chrome will extend the lifetime of laptops due to the “smart” block Flash content

Following the criticism of the Chrome browser for excessive load on the battery MacBook Google has implemented in the program mode auto locking Flash on a web page. According to the developers, this feature will increase the autonomy of portable computers.

Laptops as a rule, buying not only save space on the desktop – users are attracted by their portability, i.e. the ability to effortlessly wear the car with me and work anywhere even without an electrical outlet. Recently, some people have conducted research to determine the impact on the “autonomy” of the laptop has Chrome, and found that the desktop browser Google shortens the operation time of the MacBook is almost four and a half hours (!).

New release of Chrome is designed to solve the problem with excessive “voracity” of the browser. The program automatically analyzes your web page and it disables Flash content: banners do not work, and audio and video players, which the user can enjoy at the moment – no.

Previously, a similar feature was implemented in the original browser Apple. Safari Power Saver saves battery MacBook that prevents the browser to download greedy battery content on the web site until such time as the user starts to interact with it. This not only increases the autonomy of laptops, but also blocks annoying ads with sound that automatically runs when the page is opened.

Also as in the case of Safari, if Chrome blocks some item by mistake, you can unlock it by simply clicking on the item. Feature available in the next beta version of the browser and will soon appear in the final version.

According to Google, the company intends to continue to work on improving the autonomy of laptops, where users prefer Chrome.

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