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Google Chrome for iOS was “significantly faster and more stable” due to the transition to the engine WKWebView

Google Chrome, the most popular alternative solution for web surfing on the iPhone and iPad got an update and now boasts support for WKWebView rendering web pages. According to Google, the new version of the browser works much faster than before. Update under the symbol 48 is already available for download in the App Store.

According to the developers Chrome, the transition to WKWebView improves surfing the web, since it is faster and more stable technology from Apple. As a result, the number of browser crashes decreased by 70%, while JavaScript is executed “significantly faster”. This is evident not only when working with heavy web sites, but when a simple scroll through the pages. WKWebView technology was first introduced in iOS 8.

Among other innovations, the release worth noting is the new quick access, making move in to your favorite sites easier and integration with Spotlight, you can use gesture swipe to the right and down on the home screen of iOS devices to search the browser bookmarks.

In a previous update, we will remind, the makers of Chrome have implemented a technology support 3D Touch, which debuted in the new generation iPhone. In particular, when you press on the app icon users see the drop-down menu with additional actions. With their help, you can quickly open a new tab, launch voice search or go to the tab in incognito mode.

In addition, the updated Chrome has learned to work with a large number of keyboard shortcuts, which is important for owners of Bluetooth-keyboards. With, you can open and close tabs, switch between them, and perform voice search.

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Features Google 48 Chrome for iOS:

This version uses the WKWebView is faster and more stable technology from Apple. The number of failures decreased by 70%, while JavaScript runs significantly faster.

Other updates:

  • Redesigned new tab page: go to your favorite websites just got easier.
  • The integrated Spotlight search: pull the main screen to the right or down to search Chrome bookmarks.

Updated browser from Google can be downloaded from the App Store at this link.



Developers at Google have released an update brazeal Chrome for mobile devices based on iOS operating system. The main innovation was the use of technology WKWebView for rendering web pages. According to reservation, it’s faster and more stable technology from Apple. As a result of this transition the number of browser crashes decreased by 70%, but JavaScript is faster.

Recall that WKWebView was introduced in iOS 8. Among other innovations — new design of quick access page and integration with Spotlight search with the search option in the browser bookmarks.

Updated Chrome for iOS is available for free download on the App Store.

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