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Google: Chrome browser installed on more than 2 billion devices

This week, Google held an event for developers Chrome Dev Summit 2016, which was first announced a number of installations of the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome made its debut on 2 September 2008 and promptly won a huge audience of users. At the moment it is the most popular Internet browser. According to the Vice-President of Chrome Engineering Darin Fisher, today there are more than 2 billion computers and mobile devices whose owners actively use Chrome.

Prior to this, Google has not officially addressed the number of installations of proprietary browser. In April it was announced that the number of active users of the mobile application Google Chrome exceeded 1 billion people a month.

In honor of the release of 50 Chrome developers also revealed some statistics of browser. So, every month, users upload more than 770 billion pages, automatically transferred 3.5 billion web pages and over 9 billion times use form AutoFill and save passwords.

Google noted that at the moment the Corporation has seven products, user base exceeding 1 billion people: search, Gmail, Android, Chrome, Maps, YouTube and Google Play.

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