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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt has criticized streaming service Apple Music because music collections

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of Directors and former CEO of Google, has criticized the principles of music Apple Music service, reports Lookatme. His thoughts, Eric Schmidt, spoke in an interview with BBC News.

“Ten years ago, to launch a streaming service, it was necessary to hire critics and editors who have been able to guess or ask, based on their elitist views, new music trends” writes Schmidt, apparently referring to Apple Music, the main quality of which are selected by the curators playlists and Beats radio 1 with guest DJs.

Schmidt believes that the best choice is an automated system that prompts the user music on the basis of their preferences. “Today much better choice will be the creation of a system that can learn using the user’s selections and supporting the music that he likes, based on his tastes. With the help of the system will be much easier to find a new Adele”, he added.

“In addition, the process of finding new music will be much less elitist and more democratic — it will help to find new popular artists based on the tastes of the majority and not the preferences of the few,” said Schmidt.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google is not the first time expressed in a negative way about your competitor. In September of last year to the journalists ‘ question about the queues for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Schmidt stated that he was surprised because “Samsung’s smartphones were a year ago”. A month later, he expressed the belief that Google provides for its customers and users with greater safety and security than Apple.

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