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Google bought the developer of the popular Fly video editing, Video Editor for iOS

Google has swallowed up a startup Fly Labs, specializing in applications for processing photos and video on iOS. The team will enter the division responsible for the development of the Google Photo. Apparently, in the near future, the service will acquire new capabilities.

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Free app Fly Video Editor for iOS is a mobile video editor “for normal users”. No complicated settings or menus in which you need to understand. A few minutes and a couple taps, and now the captured video up to 5 minutes, cut into individual clips, inserted between them beautiful transitions. Among the useful features of the video editor – the ability to split the screen into two parts, add audio, mode “picture in picture”.

In addition to basic features of video editing Fly Video Editor offers the function of multi-camera shooting – the ability to record simultaneously from multiple iPhone. Just go to settings to switch to MultiCam. By detecting nearby another smartphone running the app Fly offer to start a simultaneous capture.

In Fly Labs claim that over half a year, their apps have been downloaded a total of more than 3 million times. The development company will be available in the App Store for free for another three months. After that, the program disappears from the range of digital Apple store.

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