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Google began testing the instant application for Android

Google started testing instant apps Instant Android Apps. This technology allows you to run programs without installing them to your device – simply click on the link and in just a few seconds Android will load the code elements. In fact, it is similar to most of those web applications, which launched the first iPhone, when he still did not have the support of conventional applications and the App Store.

By clicking on a special link to the application can be downloaded almost instantly, like a normal web page, they will be downloaded to the device, not entirely, but only partially. According to Google, traffic, Instant Apps, in many cases, comparable with the normal traffic of the web pages.

The installation of the instant application is temporary, however, if the user wants to leave the program, the window will be a special icon that loads the regular version from Google Play.

“At the last conference Google we have shown an innovative way of launching a mobile application that requires no installation. Instant apps are designed to make life easier for users who want to try a new program,” reads the Google blog.

Google together with a number of companies have developed a “starter kit” instant applications, including programs from the Periscope, BuzzFeed, Wish and Viki. While available only to a limited number of users, but the company has promised to soon expand as the range of applications and their audience.

Default apps from Google Play may not work as Instant Apps. As explained during the announcement, the technology will require developers to build their applications in a modular scheme. When you run the internal links without the need of the application, the system will immediately load the necessary modules.

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Google now collects the first reviews and working on debug technology has been added to the full-scale launch.

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