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Google Assistant vs Siri: a comparison of voice assistants on Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus [video]

New Google Pixel and Pixel XL in many ways similar to the iPhone. One of the strong competitive qualities of the novelties is the new intelligent assistant Google Assistant. The search giant has implemented broad capabilities and deep integration into the Android operating system 7.1 Nougat. Video blogger Marques Brownlee has tested a new virtual assistant Google and compared its capabilities with Siri in the iPhone 7 Plus.

To access the Google Assistant, you have to press the “Home” button or say “OK Google”. The voice assistant Apple starts with the command “Hey Siri.” “Assistant,” Google is able to work with any online Google services from search and Gmail to the calendar and photostorehouses. The more often the user accesses its services, the smarter becomes the assistant.

Google Assistant can not only start applications, create reminders, notes and play music, but to give an answer not only the question, and even on a series of questions relating to the same subject: “Call the population of Maryland?”, “Who is Governor?” or “Show me the flag of the state.” In this sense, according to Brownlie, Assistant Google more human. Unlike Siri, he has more opportunities in terms of integration into the OS and he is more disposed to dialogue (better remembers your previous questions and answers) and he has well developed speech function.

However, the ability of Google Assistant is not as extensive as Siri. For example, the assistant Google can tell the date of the next debate, but his mind is not enough to add your own answer in the calendar. In some scenarios, it displays less information than Siri and not very funny jokes. Users can not make a weak feature integration with third-party applications and services: Google Assistant is able to book a table via OpenTable, but don’t call a car with Uber. Furthermore, the helper is able to send emails and SMS, but not read incoming messages.

During testing, Google Assistant and Siri used commands that are useful to regular users of smartphones. Comparison of voice assistants, you can watch the video below.

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