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Google advertising Android iOS hinted at, comparing the iPhone with the piano with one note

Google launched a promo video of the Android operating system, which shows two Grand pianos — the first has a whole range of sounds, and the second is the only one that occurs when you press any key. Advertising targeted at users of the iPhone, the device of the competitor compared with the paucity of playing a musical instrument, consisting of a single note.

The video begins with a young man skillfully plays the “Moonlight” Sonata of Beethoven on a traditional piano, and then turns around in his chair and continues to perform the same song on the same instrument but can only play back one sound at a time. Musician alternately played on different pianos.

“The piano’s 88 keys. Each of them is different. But what if they were all the same?”, says Google.

Thus, the company decided to draw attention to the advantage of the Android platform in the form of a wide range of devices. In Google the range of smartphones Apple is compared to the poor sound of the piano, consisting of a single note. Android followers can choose from a huge number of different gadgets that are running this operating system.

To create a piano with one note, Google has gone five weeks.

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