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Google adapts Chrome mobile for convenient control with one hand

In the era of phablets and flagships with giant screens are very hard to find an app that would be really comfortable to use with one hand. This concerns the mobile Chrome browser, all the main controls which are at the top of the screen. IPhone owners have to resort to Reachability. However, soon this problem can be solved.

As it became known, Google is testing a new version of the proprietary browser for smartphones, in which the controls are positioned at the bottom of the interface. This is a very simple change, but it can make web surfing much more convenient. For example, the string for switching tabs and the address field is located directly under your finger.

Edition Android Police found in the test Assembly Chrome new experimental feature called Chrome Home. We are talking about the new design of the browser for developers.

At this stage, this option is hidden, and in the upper part of the screen where there should be a button with a tabs, nothing at all. Therefore, the function can not reach the release version of the browser. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this feature is part of a larger innovation for one of the future versions of Chrome.

Google is not the first company that brings controls to the bottom of the browser. In mobile Safari, for example, the address bar and the refresh button are at the top of the page, but the buttons for skip forward and back through the pages and switching tabs are at the bottom. In the mobile versions of Yandex.Browser, Internet Explorer, and also Edge for quite some time controls are located at the bottom of the screen.

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To test the new Google Chrome Home now. To activate it in the latest test version of the browser you need to enter in the address bar, the command chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home, go to the submenu function, choose the option to “Enable” and restart the program.

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