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Good Knight Story – knight case

Since then, as I shot the game with the pretentious name of 10000000, has become popular with a great mix of RPG and 3-match. This is when the above is happening for all classic role-playing works lasciviousness (orcs, zombies, dungeons, swords and armor), and the bottom flattened icons from any Candy Crash Saga. Interacting with the bottom part of the screen, you launch the top; victory depends on how well you put three “heart” in a row. One of those games – Good Knight Story.

The game begins a little unorthodox, but at the same time understandable way: the protagonist, a nameless knight, wakes up in the cave of a wild hangover. That was yesterday, he remembers faintly, but seems to understand what’s going on today – in fact on the contrary gloomy looks enraged monster. Looking ahead to say that the cave would dump you quickly, but for a long time, a very long time to disentangle the events of last night – a sort of jousting Hangover.

By itself, Good Knight Story – a classic blend of “collect three in a row” and RPG games shining armor knight. And although the “slavnosti” our character is questionable, we will do the same, and usually dice monsters packs.

The conditions are simple: there are several icons, collecting that you allowed the hero to attack. It is, relatively, icon of flame, ice, lightning, and, um, death. Almost every monster is most vulnerable to any kind of attack, and, on the contrary, virtually immune to the other. For example, if a huge tarantula (arachnophobia, stop!) afraid of the power of ice, fire to beat him is useless – not pomorŝatsâ. Another detail – the more you collect icons, the stronger will be the final blow; it may even creep overkill.

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Normal levels and so fly – you meet two or three monsters, in turn, send them back to Tartarus, and take to the next level. But sometimes Good Knight Story slips a little meanness. It so happens that you don’t have to kill everyone, and sometimes it’s actually impossible – the game puts the conditions, and until you do, nobody would go no further. As a rule, you need to bring to the “bottom” of the Cup of any foreign object – say, five mugs of beer (Good Knight Story is even due). Until you do, you can always fight with the immortal counterparts.

After the battle you can look into a shop to buy new weapons and improve old or to wrap up a couple of scrolls that will be of great help in battle. There is also a slight comedic pause from time to time the knight will run to the tavern, chat with the bartender. In a small but hilarious conversations revealed more charm and Good Knight Story – say, you gently suggest to rate the app directly in the form of in-game conversation.

If you look closely at the price tag, you will see that the game is free – everyone knows what that means. To some extent, Yes, Good Knight Story really starts to ask for money – after all, a lot hinges on the randomness: not built icons, and though burst. To ignore the request, but whether for a good game after all and not a sin to give a couple of dollars, and the Good Knight Story – definitely a good time-killer, something surpassing even the same “ten million”.

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