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Golden Apple: the 6 most expensive products in Apple’s history

Apple was always different impressive prices. Whether it’s a smartphone, computer, or laptop case — if it was made by “Apple” company, the price will be one of the highest in the market. This trend is so obvious and persistent that on the Internet even joke about the “Apple tax” is placed on the device “bitten” logo automatically raises the price in half.

However, in recent time, the Corporation changed this habit. For example, Apple watch, and AirPods headphones are sold at quite comparable with competitors price. And recently, Apple said that the new standard iPad will sell for $329, which is very inexpensive compared to that of the original iPad in 2010 was worth $499.

Retros iGate has offered to recall the most expensive products released by Apple over its long history.

The Apple Lisa (1985) — $9995

If you watched the movie 2015 “Steve jobs”, you probably remember the computer in the history of a fair amount of time was devoted to figuring out called jobs this model in honor of his daughter or not. What in the film is lowered, so is the fact that the computer cost a lot of money — $9995, that at the present state of the economy, adjusted for inflation, is approximately $24 000. For this amount the buyer has received the first ever computer that had a mouse and graphical interface.

20th Anniversary Mac (1997) — $7499

THERE, he’s a 20th Anniversary Mac was a unique piece of technology. He did not belong to any of the product lines of Apple and was released in March 1997, becoming the great-grandfather of all modern desktop iMac: all internal components of this computer have been placed in a narrow enclosure behind the screen. At the same time it was much more expensive than any computer of the same company in those days. It was sold at a price of $7499 — about $11 000 in today’s money. However, after about a year the price reduced to $1995 in order to release stocks, and this model is no longer produced.

Macintosh Portable (1989) — $7300

In September 1989, Apple released the first “portable” computer. The word “portable” is in quotes, because, let this computer was not chained to the wall by wires, it still weighed almost 8 kg — not something you can drag into the average purse!

For the privilege to carry a heavy suitcase with a miracle of technology was required to pay $7300 — roughly $14300 for today.

Apple Laser Writer (1985) — $6995

Plus printer Apple Laser Writer was the fact that it could use up to a dozen of Macintosh computers — and it in 1985, when up to full inclusion of printers in a local network remained for many years. This feature made the price of this printer at $6995 (read: $16000) much more attractive to the business who has worked on Mac computers. In addition, it was the first laser printer available on the mass market, and he made a huge contribution to the “revolution” of home printing. But it’s still crazy expensive printer.

Apple Watch Edition (2015) — $17 000

Apple watch first appeared in stores in 2015, and the base model cost more or less reasonable $349. But the basic model is of little interest to collectors and fans to emphasize the status — after all, as a means to declare a watch for them is much more important than as a device for demonstration time.

Apple was happy to give these people the opportunity to spend more money, and issued a special edition of these watches — the Apple Watch Edition, which price starts from $10 000 for a watch with a Golden case and ended $17 000 for the model, the case and buckle which were covered with 18-carat yellow or rose gold.

However, soon the manufacturer realized that most people are not interested in watches that are like small SUV. The second version of the hours, released in September 2016, is positioned more like a fitness device than a status indicator, and the maximum price for them is $1300.

Mac Pro (2013) — $20 934

I have to admit that this figure is somewhat overstated — in as much will cost only the top-end computer configuration with all possible additional options. However, the cost of the cool computer from Apple at the moment, some staggering.

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