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Gold-plated Apple Watch block bracelet can be confused with the Apple Watch Edition for $15 000 [photo]

Service VeryGoodPlating launched a service that allows you to save the face of the bankrupt millionaires, wearing on your wrist is not real gold Apple Watch Edition and that the gold value of 1000 dollars.

The company began to practice the transformation of an ordinary Apple Watch in gold. Smart watches from Apple in the case of stainless steel with block bracelet worth $949 and $999 for the version 38 and 42 mm, respectively. The cost of gold plating is $499 for hours and 249 for block bracelet.

The difference in price is impressive, but the difference in appearance, as you can see, not everyone will notice. In all this attraction of unprecedented generosity, there is only one fly in the ointment – procedures for gilding only fit Apple Watch with a chrome finish, but the Apple Watch Sport with his whimsical aluminum passes by.

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