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“God mode” in Windows 10: what it is and how to enable it?

In Windows 10, there’s a secret tool, which contains the “keys” literally everything that can be changed in the system. Edition of Techlife has published a guide on how to get to it.

In order to perform this trick, you must have administrator rights. On most systems, users of such rights often is.

First of all, right-click the mouse on the desktop and select New -> Folder.

Then copy and paste instead of the name of this folder with the following code:


Press “Enter” on the keyboard and the folder icon will turn into something like this:

Actually you can call this folder anything you like. But only on the condition that you first paste the code above and hit “Enter” and then rename it into something that you prefer.

After that, just run it as normal program. And — voila! — you will have access to more than 240 different settings of the operating system. Most importantly, they are arranged in alphabetical order.

And on each of them you can make a “shortcut” and to call then, literally, one click.

Of course, this “control Center” is needed not for everyone, but in some situations can be useful.

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