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Glowing Apple MagSafe and 6 things that killed Apple in the new MacBook Pro

New Apple MacBook Pro in 2016 with a Touch panel Bar has become the most discussed product in the past few weeks. Laptops haven’t even gotten to the first buyers, but has already been explored far and wide, debated from all sides, the glorious ones, and have fallen out of favor from others. Today we tell about eight things to which we are accustomed, and that Apple mercilessly “murdered” in the new MacBook Pro.

A glowing “Apple”

This is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols of laptops Apple, which makes the product unique, magical and just unusual. This was also the reason for buying a MacBook of some not very versed in electronics users who need this feature very much. Last year, Apple did a similar procedure with a 12-inch MacBook, and then divided the public into two opposing groups: one is the disappearance of “suitable” infuriated, others were quite happy. Jonathan Ive has decided to abandon the glowing logo and the MacBook Pro that continues to haunt the minds of users to this day. In fairness, we note that thus a small change in the form factor of the cover and its “refinement”, so this “trick” had to be sacrificed. But the residue still remains.


Another innovation, which I love MacBook – magnetic connector which is conveniently attached to the body and charges the battery laptop. This approach allows to mitigate the possibility of a break cord or willamalane nests in an unsuccessful extraction of charge (for example, if you tripped on the wire or dropped laptop). In addition, the MagSafe wire has a thickening with an indicator during charging, the indicator glows yellow when the laptop is charged it is green. No need to open the cover, you just see that it is charging.

On the other hand, the rejection of MagSafe in favor of a more universal solution USB-C (performs its function is now Thunderbolt 3) was quite predictable: last year we introduced the 12-inch MacBook with a new connector. So it was silly to hope for the preservation of MagSafe, which, by the way, we loved.

Sound greetings

18 years ago, on the Mac there was the original sound of welcome, which has not changed until today. And now Apple decided to abandon it. And he did it in a harsh way — new MacBook Pro do not emit any sound when turned on. Laptops will be loaded automatically when you connect the charging if the lid is opened MacBook Pro at this point. This decision Apple has not commented, but many users sound greeting seemed familiar, and without it will be a little sad, especially that in 2012, this sound was patented by the company.

Escape and a series of mechanical keys

The main innovation of the MacBook Pro 2016 is a multi-touch OLED Touch panel Bar, for which Apple has donated close to mechanical keys. In fact, over the laptop keyboard has an additional high resolution screen. It replaced the functional and multimedia keys. Was forced to refuse the Escape key, which now is recreated on the screen. The developers have already expressed their “delight” of such curses against Apple have not heard, for them the MacBook Pro is a work tool, and in this respect it is clearly worsened.

HDMI, USB A, SD card slot

No ports except Thunderbolt 3 – here is the new slogan of the company, and the above-mentioned ports have been left behind. Apple has always been at the head of a small revolutionary solutions, whose actions led to changes in the industry first, the company was criticized for such steps, and then came to the conclusion that it was all right.

The most striking example is the rejection of the DVD in the laptops in 2013, which is very long discussed in the Internet, and a huge number of users condemned the Corporation for this step. As it turned out, three years later, nobody even tries to use the CDs, because now that everything is downloaded through the Internet, movies, games and so on, and the format optical drive is simply out of date.

Actually, the same thing awaits HDMI, USB-A and SD slots – the industry is moving towards a universal ports, so these interfaces will not be needed. Of course, manufacturers of devices for which such cords are required, will redo them in the future in order to move to a single connector, and with this point of view, Apple sets the right direction. But the decision, nevertheless, for many it remains too radical, especially given the fact that now even the iPhone can’t “out of the box” charge from MacBook.

The plastic loop

On older versions of the laptop screen was connected to the keyboard via a special plastic loop (or insert, call it what you want), but in the new MacBook Pro, it is not. This kind of “triumph” design genius Quinces, so you won’t see that insert, when you get a new MacBook Pro

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