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Global update Sygic opened up new possibilities of GPS navigation

Sygic has added 88 new cards to the database of the same application, navigation application for mobile devices. The service now provides global coverage, providing navigation solutions for more than 125 million users worldwide.

With Sygic GPS Navigation free offline TomTom maps, database objects, route planning & free map updates. High quality maps stored on your iPhone or iPad for use without Internet connection.

“With Sygic you can enjoy navigation anywhere in the world: from the coast of Latin America to the plains in Africa. We have added 88 new maps, including the most popular tourist destinations in Latin America (Cuba, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Peru), Asia (China, Japan, Korea) and Africa (Madagascar). In addition, added new maps in the navigation package premium for each region”.

The company stresses that GPS maps are available offline, so drivers and pedestrians can navigate to new places without Internet connection or mobile network. Network services provide information about current traffic and speed camera in real time.

Maps GPS navigation Sygic provide: voice navigation with step by step instructions, information about speed limits and speed cameras, information about points of interest, including the search for the best hotels in Parking lots.

Download Sygic for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for free at this link.

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