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“Glitch fruit company”: FAS filed a case against Samsung over trolling the iPhone in the advertising of Galaxy S6

Anti-monopolists initiated a case against Samsung for than Apple in advertising on mobile devices. This was reported by the press service of the Moscow Department of the FAS.

The case was initiated against Russian “Samsung electronics Rus company”. In a controversial promotional video shows Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with the comment: “this is the flagship, not that bug fruit company, really cool. He was as if from the future”. The movie, released a trading network “Euroset”, was broadcast on Federal television channels.

Insulting words addressed to the world’s most expensive brand, the retailer said by the mouth of the actress Oksana Akinshina, who recently promoting the trading network.

The Agency decided to ask the citizens, whether said cause phrase Association with Apple. “For objective consideration of the case, please Express your opinion regarding whether used in commercial mobile phones, the phrase “fruit company” the Association with Apple, and the phrase “bug fruit company” — Apple products?”, — ask the Muscovites on the Agency’s website.

The mention of Apple in the video is not, so the FAS initiated a poll on his website in which he asks to determine whether a video Association with “Apple” Corporation or not.

To participate in the survey you can go to the FAS website at this link.

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