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GLASS: glass back case for iPhone 7 in the color “onyx black” [video]

As you know, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus instead of the usual gray came in two new colors – matte black and gloss black. The latter has received the name of Jet Black or “black onyx”

In Apple claim that the new casing black color is made of smooth brushed aluminum, and to achieve the glossy effect, the shell is subjected to high-precision nine-the process of anodizing and polishing. The result is a deep and uniform black color, the border between glass and aluminum are virtually indistinguishable.

On the forums numerous owners of the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx” complain of problems model. Fingerprints on the surface of the smartphone in a new glossy black appears almost immediately after unpacking, and scratches on the body you can get after a few hours of using the device.

Most loyal Apple fans have decided on their own to create a case that can protect this beauty from the slightest damage. So there was an accessory called the GLASS – case made of durable glass with a metal frame. In fact, it is additional shell for iPhone 7 color in “black onyx”.

The main feature of GLASS was the best-in-class resistance to scratches and fingerprints. The smartphone is fixed in the case, leaving between the wall and rear cover housing gap of 0.1 mm. in Other words, the product minimizes any contact with a glossy finish. And thanks to special inserts at the corners eliminated problems with communications.

The first draft of the glass case for iPhone 7 color in “black onyx” on Indiegogo was supported by a large number of users. The benefit is the accessory for only $29. Pre-order new product at this link.

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