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Give new life to old things with the app ShareThing

As you know, people loves to engage the ware with the hoarding you may have a few friends whose mezzanine tightly clogged with various stuff, acquired over the years. It is possible that you have this friend. And things, carefully laid on a long shelf in 1994 year, now do not represent absolutely any value – in other words, you don’t need them. But you or pity to leave, or have nowhere to dump, or no one time. While in one city you can live people who are your vintage camera fed-5 is necessary as air – it could be, say, a novice collector or film photographer. But how to combine two variables? It’s easy – just download the app ShareThing.

The concept ShareThing fit in fancy format, which is already live book-crossing, car-sharing and other obscure words: one person (often) free of charge shares something with others. In ShareThing are invited to share unnecessary things – the reincarnation of the newspaper column “give”.

To get rid of the annoying little things, you need to go to the app and sign up (through Facebook). Then create the ad: a picture of a great tool to drop a couple of lines in the description to indicate the category and your location. Wishing you can talk on the phone (if you specify it in the description), and via built-in messaging system – something like a chat. Important clarification: in ShareThing is usually distributed free of charge, so if you want to get something, but words of gratitude, it is better to write about it in the description.

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Of course, the application is running in the opposite direction – you can not only give but also take. Carefully pull the built-in map of the city: are there any generous people. If you live in a major city is likely to find. Then you can get in touch with a dealer or contact in any other way. Important detail – if you need a specific thing, I can just create an announcement saying that I will accept a gift of a pair of boots shoes.

ShareThing special charm lies in the fact that this is a very handy app – it is clearly intended for the General public, so deal with a local interface will be able to as a child and an elderly man. Everything is neatly arranged in tabs and folders; no confusion. After the upgrade there was also a status thing – time to give/reserve or not.

ShareThing not worth the entrance money – the app is free. Inside, of course, no payment, too (I wonder how it would look). Advertising no no – can exhale. So ShareThing has all chances to become popular service, if not for one problem. Like all apps tied to energy users, ShareThing desperately dependent on the number of active users. While the program is only valid for residents of large cities in the backwoods you will hardly find a lot of ads and it is a vicious circle: there were a lot of people who need high activity, as for activity… well, you know. However, the chance to break the cycle is, and have right now: if everyone is reading will download the application, give to the needy old ski boots, that will not only help the service, but will make the world a better and kinder.

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