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GifLab released free generator “gifs” for iPhone and iPad

Appeared in the App Store tool for creating animated GIF files. With the help of the app called GifLab you can select the favourite part of the video and make an animated image that can be stored on the mobile device or uploaded to social networks.

Generate “gifs” with GifLab very simple. Users can apply filters, text and Emoji-emoticons, cut unwanted frames, set the quality of a GIF file and the playback speed. The finished image can be saved to your device, send via SMS or email, upload to photo hosting and get embeddable link. As the developers say, GifLab is “the easiest way to create GIF images on iOS”.

GIF is one of the oldest actively used formats on the Internet, it appeared in 1987. In fact, it was one of the first formats the storage and transmission of raster images. He could compress a picture without losing quality, but the cut is not more important at that moment (and even with the stock) 256 colors. In 1989, the format has improved, adding crucial support animation and transparency, that is, one of the treated flowers was the complete lack of color.

The app can be downloaded for free. In-app purchase (129 rubles) allows you to unlock additional filters and fonts.

The application GifLab is available for download on iPhone and iPad.

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