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“Gemmoroya less”: “Beeline” decided to sell the mobile subscribers of the home Internet and TV for 1 ruble

The operator “Beeline” has launched a new range of tariff plans “All in one”. It allows existing subscribers to connect home Internet and TV package surcharge value of 1 rouble. The company’s management announced at a press conference in Moscow.

This product is a converged (fixed mobile convergence), such services are already offered by some foreign operators, but among the Russian companies “Beeline” became the first, said CEO Mikhail Slobodin.

In Moscow the cheapest fare line (it’s called “All in one”) will cost 501 rubles a month. For the money the subscriber receives unlimited on-net calls, 550 minutes of calls to other operators, 5 GB mobile Internet and 300 SMS messages, and home Internet at a speed of 15 MB per second and the mobile application “Beeline TV”. The most expensive data plan will cost in 1801, a ruble a month. It includes 3000 minutes, 3000 SMS, and 15 GB of traffic, 100-megabit home Internet and 120 channels of TV. All plans are available in 25 channels of mobile TV.

In the regions the cheapest package will cost 300 rubles. It includes TV and home rent Wi-Fi router. According to slobodina, the rate will enable families to save significantly and simplify the selection and payment of services. “Hemorrhoids less,” — said the head of “Beeline”. He stressed that home Internet and TV for one ruble is not action, and the cost of services on an ongoing basis.

Product development took the company six months. The purpose of this step is to reduce churn home Internet.

According to slobodina, the new proposal will not adversely affect the revenue of the operator. Perhaps as a result in the financial statements will be reflected “optical” reduction of revenues from fixed services to mobile, says the CEO of the company. He insists that, in fact, in the future it will be impossible to divide the income from the two services.

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According to the head of “Beeline”, the competitors will go the same path and will create similar services.

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