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Game Toca Kitchen 2 was the free app of the week in the App Store

Every week Apple gives out for free in the App Store one game or application. This time lucky fans of unusual arcade games mobile: to download “for both” can unusual game Toca Kitchen 2. On ordinary days, the program costs 229 rubles.

Virtual fridge early in the morning is crowded with various products, and on the kitchen table is still a single serving guests waited in hungry anticipation, fell and stomachs rumble in unison, and to cook something and no one. Perhaps the players decide to download Toca Kitchen 2 and save the situation. On the go invent recipes, incongruous mix the ingredients, add seasoning and serve impatient guests by serving imagination and culinary flair. Respect the traditions and know a couple of decent recipes try to cook!

Toca Kitchen 2 is a fun and educational arcade, and devoid of allusions to limitations of the younger players are able to make any decision, using a heavy set of products. Get the fish and throw into the pan, cook a couple of pears and pineapple, beat until smooth and bake the shrimp until Golden brown carrots. The results of the experiments exactly shocking guests. To brighten up the flavor and add a spicy touch of spice will help.

No finite goals or tasks in the game – you need to choose the person who will try to provided meals and start cooking the next culinary masterpiece.

The controls and interface are very simple and clear. The left side is the fridge with vegetables, fruit and a variety of meat, left – stove with everything needed for cooking. Under the button salt and pepper hidden panel with the necessary seasonings and sauces. In the middle sits a character who is waiting for his feed.

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The game offers a unique space for cooking art – the younger gamers will cling to screens of mobile devices for a series of incredible experiments. Watch the emotions of the guests, invent original recipes, develop culinary skills and modify ideas, using the proposed set of creativity. In the future the developers promise to add even more features, but for now – go to the kitchen, to create and to dream!

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