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Game Time Surfer was the free app of the week in the App Store

Every week certain games and programs in the App Store you can download free action “app of the week”. This time it is Apple has scheduled a game with the ability to rewind time Time Surfer.

Time Surfer from the Studio Kumobius is an original version of the famous Tiny Wings. But to say that Time Surfer is a clone of the famous arcade game, not the developers have brought to the project a wide range of changes and after a few minutes of playing thoughts in kind “somewhere I’ve seen it” go away by themselves.

The first thing that catches the eye in Time Surfer is a colorful and vibrant visuals. Seriously, just take a look – not to love cosmic flash can only be very down to earth person. Besides, the main character and the surrounding objects executed in fashion now 8-bit style, causing bouts of nostalgia.

What have to do in Time Surfer? The gamer will try to avoid the end of the universe, who comes behind him and the only way to escape – a surfing guide to the galaxy. Surfer automatically moves to the right, and, like in Tiny Wings, it slows down when climbing up the slopes or when faced with the same slopes. To accelerate, you need to press the button.

And here we now come to the main difference from the game Tiny Wings. The ability to rewind time allows incorrectly perfect fall back on a few seconds ago, to the point, what will choose the player himself. The return, of course, is not infinite and is worth a certain number of points. Purple balls collected by surfer during the game, form a scale, which is wasted during fast time. Use the return should be carefully because the required resource is consumed very quickly.

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If you are a fan of Tiny Wings, we must pay attention to the creation Studio Kumobius. Even more than had the opportunity to get the app “for both”.

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