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Game Super Mario Run is officially released on Android

Held the Android release of the first game in the series Nintendo Mario for mobile Super Mario Run. Previously, the company offered to all who wish to pre-register in the Google Play app store.

Super Mario Run made its debut on iPhone and iPad in December last year. About a month after that, Nintendo announced that the game version for Android will be released in the spring of 2017.

Simultaneously, Super Mario Run iOS which Feb downloaded over 78 million times, has been updated to 2.0.0. It added a new playable characters, and also allowed to unlock the first four worlds in the free version by doing one of the tests of Bowser. Up to this point in the trial version of mobile platformer was only available to the first three levels.

Between versions of Super Mario Run for iOS and Android is no different. The game is reminiscent of classic designs of the series, but the impact of what a platformer was created for a touchscreen, obviously. In single-player mode of the game has six worlds, in the aggregate, including level 24. Also there is a competitive mode where you have to beat the records of other users. Finally, in build mode you can collect items and decorate your own Kingdom.

The project is free, but includes the possibility of making a one-time payment that unlocks all available in Super Mario Run content.

Game Super Mario Run was released on December 15, and once in 150 countries and with great fanfare. For the first day the project was downloaded more than 2.8 million users of iOS devices, and by the fourth day counter downloads exceeded 40 million times. At the beginning of last month Super Mario Run took a new turn with 78 million downloads, although I bought the game less than 10% of users.

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