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Game smartphones: will Apple and Google to win the war with China?

As you finals of the sixth season of “Game of thrones”? Pretty cool, huh? No, spoilers will not. But if you haven’t seen it, or don’t follow the series, be sure to look.

I see a lot of Parallels between “Game of thrones” and high-tech industry. Moreover, many observers of this market are similar to fans of the series – they multiply all kinds of theories about what will happen next, who will die next, who will be kings, etc.

In the industry of mobile technologies, many theories about who will win and how, to read as funny as stories about the army on the Valyrian dragons or half-naked Amazons with giant swords who came through a time portal to destroy the Lannisters until they have seized the Iron throne, and so change the future.

No, my friend, nothing will. But I would love to work with the writer somewhere in HBO.

I understand that it is very fun to watch an endless “war” against Apple Google, to analyze in detail every aspect of the OS and every new product and to predict how the next smallest feature or technological solution will give the advantage to one side or another.

It is a spectator sport for geeks. We dive into the history of bloodshed, incest, fights, public enmity. We enjoy seeing how your favorite or least favorite products and manufacturers succeed or go up in smoke.

About as we follow the main story line of “Game of thrones” for the past six years: the rival houses fighting for supremacy and the possession of the Iron throne.

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The actors try and bend over backwards to the next day, to lose hope, and life itself. The balance of power between the families shifted in one direction or the other.

And neither one nor the other be in charge does not know what behind the Wall is going a giant army of ice zombies to kill them all.

Yes, I know that because of the Narrow sea and approaching army of barbarians from the tribes flawless and Durakov the head with a blond woman and three grown dragons and giant fleet of ships of the Iron Islands. But let’s stick with the analogy.

A giant army of ice zombies, they’re Vihti, led white shake, was created a thousand years ago the children of the forest during their war with the first humans. White shaking create new zombies of those people who win.

This westerosi of mass destruction. They have an endless flow of new zombies. It is a fully renewable resource. Understand the analogy?

Like the children of the forest, created white my walking, Google created Android and the hardware OEM business as the enclosure.

Android has become the open. Everything is available. Google may close the system in future versions, although this is very unlikely due to the sharp alienation of developers.

However, the Genie is already out of the bottle, the project Android Open Source Project (AOSP) may receive a branch and a derived project. A third-party company can start production of an infinite number of Android devices, and Google will not be able to influence this process.

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Yes, Google can create the super Nexus, to go with him to the market and try to fight Android fragmentation, but at the same time a kind of magic way to steal market share from Apple. The probability of this is quite large.

It will be very interesting to watch the battle, but that’s just a giant army of ice zombies that won’t stop. And when I talk about the ice zombies, I mean very professional and powerful Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE. They do not only come from the North, and Shenzhen. And, by the way, the smartphones these ice zombies are impressive.

What Apple? I am absolutely convinced that Apple already knows about the ice zombies. Apple understands that the iPhone business is on the decline. However, she fears that you will not be able to defeat the ice zombies. If it starts a war with a giant army of ice zombies, she’s dead.

Apple knows that many people are not willing to pay $600 for a smartphone with a decent alternative for $200. Apple knows that is a producer of luxury goods. She knows that its market share has reached a high value.

Most people can’t afford luxury items and this will not change any theories about 7/8 iPhone or supercash from a handful of young technologynow, which does not deal in mass production, management, distribution chains and just the basics of the economy.

China will change the whole landscape of the mobile industry. It is already obvious. Apple, Google, and her favorite-producers now just sit out the last moments before the inevitable end. The ice zombies will empty the current mobile industry, and they will stop at nothing.

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The only protection left to Apple and Google (and the first person to guess the Apple) is innovation, the transition to the next big new product and creating a completely new market, while the ice zombies are not wiped out him.

What is the market? It could be wearable electronics. It can be augmented and virtual reality. It could be a new wave of Internet of things. But it is not a smartphone.

The ice zombies will always. And they have always been. Today they are mobilized and equipped, as ever.

Who’s ready to meet the ice zombies? I think to start learning zombicheskogo language.

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