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Game reduction: will the popular new iPhone SE?

Earlier in the week Apple introduced the new iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen. The market meets the new in different. Some experts predict compact “Apple” communicators fiasco, others argue that the novelty will be a hit.

Globally iPhone SE is an aggressive attempt by Apple to grab the local companies a huge chunk of the market in China and India. Last year Apple sold 30 million four-inch iPhone, and these devices more than three years. They go particularly well in China. You can write off this success on the small hands of Asians — but really the iPhone 5s is significantly cheaper than the “six” and even more iPhone 6s, and that’s take.

Analysts at KGI Securities, however, downgraded the iPhone SE and predict the supply of new products within only 10-12 million units in 2016. The total volume of shipments every Apple smartphone is expected in the range of 210-230 million units. Bloomberg notes that the majority of the experts of wall street, including analysts at UBS Group AG and RBC Capital Market, build a more optimistic and believe that Apple will implement 15 million iPhone SE.

Experts Counterpoint Technology Market Research closely studied the new product and tried to determine what was the aim of Apple releasing the device. Experts drew several conclusions. First, with the release of iPhone SE increases the average selling price of Apple smartphones. Last year, the cheapest modification the cheapest iPhone cost around $300, the iPhone SE will cost $400-500 depending on the amount of memory. This smartphone was even less budget than its predecessor in the face of iPhone 5c. However, Apple is not positioning it that way. According to the company, it is designed for those who appreciate the traditional design of kupertintsev and lovers of compact smartphones.

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Emerging markets iPhone SE can use special demand: many people do not have time to buy the same “six” before the crisis and forced to settle for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. And now there is a reason: the usual unit rebuilt in a modern way, but still at affordable prices.

Analysts at Counterpoint Technology Market Research believe that now Apple will be able to get rid of outdated versions of the iPhone, which only take up production capacity. And, finally, the new product is designed, with extraordinary technical characteristics, get more users on a modern version of iOS, and bring them to new services.

In Bloomberg believe that the model with the prefix SE is a rather niche product that will not receive wide distribution. The demand for 4-inch devices around the world is declining. According to Counterpoint, in 2015 less than 10% of users made a choice in favor of such models compared to 17% in 2014, moreover, 75% of those who buy 4-inch device, prefer low-cost devices priced up to $75.

Analysts at China Market Research Group believes that the iPhone SE in China risks repeating the fate of the iPhone 5c, which was released three years ago. One of the main problems of its predecessor iPhone SE they call the lack of status. In society it is widely believed that the iPhone 5c stands at just those who did not have enough money for “real” iPhone.

IPhone with SE, things are a little different, because he’s not that cheaper, older siblings and comparable to them in technical characteristics. However, the model is too much like the previous generation iPhone, and this may have a negative impact on its sales.

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