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Game Pokémon Quest is available for download in the App Store

A month later, after appearing on Nintendo Switch Pokémon Quest came out on mobile devices. The game is already available in the App Store and Google Play for everyone.

It applies in free-to-play and is familiar to many the world of Pokémon. Despite this, Pokémon Quest is very different from the familiar to fans of RPG games Pokémon, which were very popular a few years ago.

A new project several features:

  • Unique cartoon world with pixel characters, a La Minecraft.
  • New location Tumblecube with unusual items and monsters.
  • The ability to control your own Pokemon and develop it.

In General, in Quest Pokémon, players will explore a special world of Pokemon, fight monsters, interact with characters and participate in massive battles.

More Pokemon

Because Pokémon Quest is distributed free-to-play, users have the ability to spend real money to purchase additional benefits.

The game itself is very different from other projects Nintendo like Pokémon Go. Fortunately, this does not prevent anyone to enjoy the gameplay Pokémon Quest, which has already gained many fans on the Nintendo Switch.

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