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Galaxy S8 can get the Live Focus in the next update

23 August 2017 Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 8, and with it the portrait mode shooting Live Focus, are only available for SLR cameras. Live Focus blurs the background and focuses on the foreground.

Galaxy S8 not equipped with a special lens like Galaxy Note 8, so the camera function on the smartphone does not allow to achieve the same quality of shooting, Note 8. However, with the help of software, you can achieve the same effect.

Sam Mobile reports that one of the users asked Samsung support with the question of whether the South Korean giant to introduce a mode of portraiture in the Galaxy S8. Samsung answered the question, saying that

“hopes to release a portrait mode in a future patch for the device, but has nothing to say”.

So, will Samsung introduce Galaxy Live Focus for Galaxy S8 and S8 +, is still a mystery.

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