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Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s: why Samsung still not on the level of industrial design Apple

When it comes to attention to detail, Apple has no equal. Chief editor of the resource iMore, Rene Ritchie has compared the design features of the new iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 in detail, to show how really different is the design of products Apple and Samsung.

At the time, Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive said that a true professional needs to create great design, even if the user can’t see it or won’t notice. Richie remembered the story with the Qualcomm 4G sticker on the side of South Korean smartphones, which are sold with contract Verizon. Apple is attentive to the appearance of their products, so refuses to place the stickers on them from other manufacturers.

How different the approach to design Apple and Samsung can be seen on the pictures in the article. The connector interface is Galaxy S7 no alignment. If we draw lines down the center of all the elements, you’ll find that none of them lies on the same line. Ritchie decided that this lack of “sevens”, so I did the same thing with the Galaxy S6. However, the result was the same.

In the case of iPhone 6s all the connectors and structural elements are on the same line.

“Apple can and will accept a fair share of bugs and Samsung will continue to receive a fair share of attention. Different phones will always be for different people,” said Ritchie.

It is the attention to detail that distinguishes Apple products from all others. Of course, sometimes it’s like painting the fence on the reverse side, however, demonstrates that the company is cleaning every millimeter, conducting detailed work while designing its devices.

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