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Future iPhone will be able to warn the owner about any damage of the screen

Future iPhone will be able to alert the owner about the appearance of the OSD covering the microcracks. This is evidenced by Apple’s patent application, published this week, the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States.

Despite the fact that the iPhone has a protective coating, the screen remains the most vulnerable part. Apple has developed a technology that is able to automatically detect the smallest damage of the screen glass and promptly report them to the owner to prevent more serious consequences, as it can affect the functioning of not only display, but also other components and sensors.

Apple has patented the technology, which involves three options for the implementation of this development. In the first case, the screen embedded special sensors that detect the cracks.

The second option involves placing the glass under the piezoelectric mechanism, which will define the defects by vibration exposure.

In the third decision, the damage will be due to analysis of light propagation through the display.

The development will be able not only to find the smallest screen damage, but also to determine their type, size and speed of crack propagation.

This technology will allow the owner of the iPhone and iPad in time to troubleshoot problems, to prevent more serious damage and save on repairs.

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