Future compact AirPods or Powerbeats Pro will get an ambient light sensor

Future compact AirPods or Powerbeats Pro will get an ambient light sensor

While we are waiting for AirPods Studio, which, according to rumors, has already entered production and will be shown at the WWDC 2020 online conference, rumors about future Apple headphones appear.


Apple will soon release full-size AirPods Studio. What is known about them?

Ilya Kichaev

May 12, 2020

Now DigiTimes reports that within two years new versions of compact AirPods will receive an ambient light sensor (Ambient Light Sensors – ALS). A rather strange choice for headphones, at first glance. It is reported that some Taiwanese ASE technology will be used.

Why is this needed?

You can use this technology in several cases. The simplest option is that such a sensor will be able to determine where the headphones are: in the ears or the user took them out. After receiving information from the sensors, the headphones pause the music.

The idea is simple, but it’s not very clear why Apple should change an already well-functioning proximity sensor, which can easily determine the user's ear, for something more expensive to manufacture.

Another possible reason is that headphones will become not only a tool for listening to music, but also a way to monitor health:

ASE allows devices to monitor heart rate, steps and health, as well as read head movements.


Apparently, if we talk about the number of heart contractions, then the headphones will receive the function of pulse oximeters. In hospitals, they are fixed on the patient’s finger and, using visible and infrared light, measure not only the heart rate, but also the amount of oxygen in the blood.

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If this technology comes to AirPods, then questions will arise about the shape of the headphones, because AirPods in their current form are not suitable for using pulse oximeters. So, it is likely that this technology will not come to AirPods, but to Powerbeats Pro:

To introduce such technology into these headphones intended for sports would be a logical step – after all, during training, you need to understand how the athlete’s body behaves.

But it’s worthwhile to understand that technology rumors do not mean that these technologies will ever be introduced.

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